COVID-19 Travel Registration

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You will need to register your travel within NSW if leaving Greater Sydney or leaving or entering an area of concern for work.

Leaving Greater Sydney

If you live in Greater Sydney, you may need to register when travelling for work outside of Greater Sydney.

Greater Sydney does not include Shellharbour and the Central Coast for the purposes of this travel registration. People travelling to Shellharbour and the Central Coast in the circumstances listed will be required to register to do so.

You will need to register to travel outside of Greater Sydney if you are:

  • travelling for work more than 50km outside Greater Sydney (including authorised workers from local government areas of concern)
  • inspecting a potential place of residence outside Greater Sydney because you genuinely need a place to live in, as soon as practicable (no investment properties)
  • moving between 2 places of residence:
    • for your work (only the worker can travel to the residence)
    • to undertake urgent maintenance, repairs, or attend to animal welfare (if so, only 1 person may travel to the other residence).

Construction workers who are authorised workers are not eligible for this travel registration as they are only able to work at a construction site in Greater Sydney.

Use the Travel registration checker for Greater Sydney residents to check if you need to register your travel outside of Greater Sydney.

Leaving or entering area of concern for work

From 12.01 am on Saturday 28 August 2021, you will need to register your travel within NSW if you are:

  • an authorised worker living in a local government area of concern and you need to leave your area for work
  • entering a local government area of concern from either Greater Sydney or from regional and rural NSW to carry out work in the area of concern.

You are not required to register your travel in order to provide an emergency service.

Authorised worker (construction workers) are only eligible to register to travel for work within Greater Sydney.

Work travel registration – general information

The travel registration is valid for a maximum of 14 days and you will need to reapply if:

  • you are travelling for more than 14 days, or
  • your travel dates change or need to be amended.

You must carry your travel registration and supporting documents with you at all times as you will need to provide these to NSW Police if requested. You may also need to provide evidence of having had a COVID-19 test as required for Sydney workers or that you have met any COVID-19 vaccination requirements that apply to you.

Supporting documents may include a letter from your employer with your:

  • employer details and your details
  • what work you do and why you need to travel
  • your hours of work – for example, 8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday
  • the dates over which the work will be carried out.

If you are self-employed, supporting documents may include a letter with:

  • the name of the business
  • the type of business
  • the number of employees, including apprentices
  • the location of where the work is taking place.


An exemption has been granted for Australian Defence Force personnel and certain health workers in relation to these requirements for work travel registration.

The exemption applies to all Australian Defence Force personnel and specific categories of health workers who may not know where they will be working in advance, or may need to enter areas urgently to respond to emergencies and other serious events.

Under the exemption, the following persons do not need to register their travel:

  • a person providing the following health services:
    • aeromedical retrieval
    • a patient transport service
    • organ transport and retrieval
  • a registered health practitioner who is undertaking work because of an emergency
  • a registered health practitioner who is undertaking work because of unforeseen or unplanned circumstances or who provides health services at a public health facility or private health facility or health practice as a locum or as part of an agency service
  • Australian Defence Force personnel.

There is a condition that the person who is exempt from the requirement to register their travel must provide details of the workplace(s) the person will be working and their employer(s) on request of NSW Police.